Solution created by Toogethr PMS systems

Easily integrates with TOPdesk

Toogethr integrates with existing hardware and software systems such as TOPDesk,  for the best possible parking and office experience.

Price Free
Hosting availability SaaS, On-premises on Virtual Appliance
Consultancy Not required
Additional requirements TOPdesk modules reserveringenbeheer en bezoekersregistratie
Available languages Dutch, English, German
Region availability Netherlands, Germany, Belgium


Toogethr and TOPdesk integration makes it possible to register a visitor to the Toogethr parking system from TOPdesk’s topdesk visitor registration module.
The parking visitor information entered in TOPdesk controls the Toogethr PMS SW, so that it is possible to register and enter (for example barrier control with license plate recognition).

Benefits integration:
Streamlining the flow of visitors, for the central reception and your employees.
– Invite your guests worry-free
– Ensure the smoothest possible customer journey
– Streamline your operation
– Reserve parking spaces
– Makes unnecessary actions unnecessary
– Determine who can invite guests in TOPdesk
– Arranged quickly

Explanation integration:
Book your visit directly via TOPdesk via Toogethr parking systems,
– Contact Toogethr for explanation and further information
– Toogethr provides the necessary login details
– These login details must be entered in the TOPdesk integration software
– From that moment on the integration is live
– The minimum required for booking is: guest’s email address, license plate number, name.

Relevant customers:

Pricing details: one-off costs:
Free, any set-up fee may be charged.
This integration is included in the Toogethr packages.

Data must be exchanged once to fine-tune the connection. These will be supplied by Toogethr.
Toogethr will also provide a manual on how to set up this integration from TOPdesk.
After establishing the integration.
It is then set up like this and TOPdesk can be booked in the Toogethr Parking systems

TOPdesk consultancy needed:

Additional requirements:

Which TOPdesk modules are needed:
Reservations management and visitor registration.

Required TOPdesk version:
SAAS and V.A. versions


Limitations of the solution*:
The solution makes it possible to make bookings, but not to adjust them.
If a booking needs to be adjusted, it must be deleted and recreated.