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An emailbot

Price Paid
Hosting availability SaaS
Consultancy Optional
Available languages All langauges
Region availability Global
TOPdesk or unknown
TOPdesk or unknown


Faster replies and in-depth analytics with SupWiz’ Emailbot for TOPdesk.

Some of the features that make the Emailbot a great AI solution

Improved customer satisfaction
The Emailbot provides fast and high-quality service and support that boosts customer satisfaction.

Easy to implement
The Emailbot can reply to emails by integrating into your existing system making easier handovers to agents.

In-depth insights into user’s conversations
Get insights into how your Emailbot performs, areas to improve, and what your users email to you about.

Assist agents and fully automate answering questions
The Emailbot solves your customers’ problems without human interaction such as reset password.

Immediate responses
The Emailbot gives your users rapid replies 24 hours 7 days a week for a better user experience.

Language agnostic
Trained with just a few examples, the Emailbot understands context-specific questions, misspellings and synonyms.

Emailbot Analytics

SupWiz’ Emailbot solution contains a variety of valuable analytics. Among other things, the analytics show:

  • How your Emailbot performs
  • How you can improve your Emailbot
  • What your customers write about
  • How other areas of your business can be improved to create better service and support

With the Emailbot you get accurate and consistent in-depth data insights.

Use Generative AI + Emailbot to:

  • Generate answers, using only preapproved sources (e.g., your website).
  • Summarize an email conversation when handing it over to a human agent.
  • Adjust the tone of answers, and make them friendlier, and more formal.

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Emailbot built on explainable AI (XAI)

SupWiz Emailbots are not black boxes – on the contrary: You get full insight into the decision-making of your Emailbot.

The Emailbots are transparent: You can explore in detail why the Emailbot responded the way it did, and you can easily change the behavior, if needed.

Why do customers worldwide love SupWiz solutions?

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