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A chatbot

Price Paid
Hosting availability SaaS
Consultancy Optional
Available languages All languages
Region availability Global


By understanding your customers, SupWiz Chatbot eliminates waiting time and resolves queries fast.

How Does SupWiz Chatbot Help You?

Seamlessly integrates with TOPdesk
Integrates with TOPdesk for streamlined workflows, efficient incident management and enhanced user experience

Automates tasks
Handles password resets, data lookups and more, saving agents time for remaining tasks.

A solution for enterprises
One tool for development, testing, production, diagnostics, change logging, and more.

Uses generative AI securely
Eliminate hallucinations by using the right tools e.g., confidence scores.

Pioneering language understanding
Trained with few examples, The AI understands context, misspellings, and synonyms.

Increases satisfaction
Provides fast and high-quality service and support that boosts customer satisfaction.

Language agnostic
Serves your customers wherever they are in the world and whatever language they speak.

Results achieved with the Chatbot:

  • 98% issue identification accuracy
  • 75% of queries solved automatically
  • 95% decrease in waiting time

Generative AI + Chatbot

  • Use generative AI to generate answers, using only preapproved sources (e.g., your website)
  • Summarize a chat conversation when handing it over to a human agent.
  • Use generative AI to adjust the tone of answers, and make them friendlier, and more formal.
  • Eliminate hallucinations by using the right tools e.g., confidence scores which are values showing how sure the AI is about its prediction or decision.

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