Real Time Localisation Integration

Solution created by SilverCloud ZorgIoT

Real Time Localisation service within the healthcare’s application landscape.

Price Paid
Hosting availability SaaS
Consultancy Required
Additional requirements TOPdesk Asset Management Module
Available languages English, Dutch
Region availability Worldwide
KI 16707


We integrate the Real Time Localisation service within the healthcare’s application landscape to maintain simplicity and (data)consistency. We integrate with multiple ECD/EPD and with TOPdesk which is in many cases the primary source of asset management.

By integrating Real Time Localisation services based on Blyott with TOPdesk’s Asset Management module, the exact location of the asset is available within TOPdesk without the need to consult a separate system. The location is updated every time an asset moves (triggered)  or periodically refreshed  to guarantee the asset is still available. In addition the registration process for a new asset is modified in such a way that with a single click by an inexperienced user a BLE tag is associated with that asset and tracking starts. Once as asset is found, the user can scan the QR code on the tag and valuable information regarding that asset such as last maintenance date or a help video instruction is displayed.

How does it work?
The solution consists of a continuous running process that whenever the location of an asset (provided it has a BLE tag attached) changes, the service updates TOPdesk’s  asset management module for that asset with the correct location.The location consist usually of a building + room number to make them unique and relevant to the healthcare processional.

Reporting and filtering capabilities within TOPdesk can be used to see what items are no longer available (lost, theft or discarded as broken or old), which assets are at which location and which assets have not been used within a given period. The registration process for a new asset adds a small extra step to scan the QR code on the BLE tag that is attached to the asset and then associates the BLE tag with the asset. There is no other admin work required to start tracking the asset.

When a health care professional has found an asset but wants to know  if that asset has been maintained correctly, he/she can scan the QR code and the last maintenance date is retrieved from TOPdesk. This can be done for the last maintenance date but for any information stored in TOPdesk that is relevant tot display (weight class, instruction for use, dimensions).

Video and screenshots
You can find videos explaining our Real-Time Localization solution benefits on our website.

Required TOPdesk Module
Asset Management Module (SaaS) is required.

Pricing details
One time implementation is 2-4 days, price per day €1000. Monthly charges are as below:

Item Category Price (euro) Interval
Tenant fee Subscription €100 Monthly
RTLS Integration per tag (<1500 tags)  Subscription €0.35 Monthly
RTLS Integration per tag (1500 -2500 tags)  Subscription €0.30 Monthly
RTLS Integration per tag (> 2500 tags)  Subscription €0.25 Monthly



  1. TOPdesk view after integration
  2. Information displayed when scanning