About us

Who are NetCloud?

At NetCloud you meet a team of dedicated persons with a passion for technology. But technology only makes sense to us when it creates real value for you, your company, and your employees. And that is exactly what Echo does.

We help companies to go from good to great by utilizing their own device data. And we are looking forward to helping you do the same.

Echo Team sitting at a desk


Echo is an endpoint solution, gathering data straight from the source – your endpoints – and creates a unique rea-time overview and control of all your endpoints directly in your TOPdesk integration. Echo is a valuable tool for any company – but we create the biggest changes in companies with many endpoints, a large number of locations or complex structures that need a real-time tool to create a single source of truth. Sounds like you?

Deep-dive into what Echo can do for you

Echo is a factory-embedded tool just waiting for you to activate it. This also means, that you will get the utmost control of your devices and the data on them. You can easily automate processes such as enrolling and updating essential software to all devices at once. If any devices are no longer living up to your set standard/baseline, Echo will automatically enforce your baseline – and if anything needs your attention, Echo will update you.

You will be able to use your data to automatize processes and create a more efficient and cost-friendly IT Management, increase security levels create a superior user experience for the employees.

That’s Echo.

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