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About us

IntraFind Software AG is a specialist for enterprise search and intelligent document analysis. The independent founder-led software company with headquarters in Munich and a US subsidiary was founded in the year 2000 and has over 65 employees.

With its AI-based software, IntraFind helps companies and government agencies quickly find important information contained in large data sets. In the process, the tool searches and analyzes structured and unstructured data regardless of where the information is saved (including cloud sources). The benefit for organizations lies in being able to cleverly leverage their data’s potential to identify correlations, make better decisions, digitalize processes, and ultimately work more efficiently.

The range of solutions offered by IntraFind extends from a tool to conduct simple searches in an application to enterprise search, knowledge management, digital workplaces, intelligent text analysis from large numbers of documents, and intelligent document processing.

Its scalable products are used by organizations from SMEs to large corporations and government agencies with volumes ranging from a few hundred thousand to billions of documents and information objects.

IntraFind’s numerous customers include BMW, DATEV, Rolls Royce, Rohde & Schwarz, the German Armed Forces, police departments, and regional institutions of Germany’s public pension fund. Renowned analyst firms include IntraFind on the list of the world’s leading search and analytics software companies.

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