About us

beAnalytic is a consulting and outsourcing company in the development of Big Data Analytics solutions. We were born to present a Data-Driven vision to the world and lead the 4.0 revolution, innovating in analytical solutions to impact organizations and make a difference in the reality of our customers.

We have a multidisciplinary team with great know-how in Business Intelligence, Data Engineering and Machine Learning, in addition to having  expertise in more than 15 market segments, ensuring a strategic and personalized vision for your management. They will be responsible for organizing your systems data and automating reports, promoting more accurate and robust analysis, improving the operational efficiency of your business.

We also have experience in the national and international market, and we have already taken data intelligence and innovation to some of the biggest players in Brazil in the Oil and Gas, Retail, Supplementary Health, Education, Marketing, Technology segments, among many others.

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