HUMBLE Online Software Platform

Solution created by HUMBLE

HUMBLE Online Software Platform creates overview and provides insight. HUMBLE merges all of the data flows and associated documents within real estate with processes for asset assurance, costs, status of real estate laws and regulations, and sustainability. The outcome? A durable, efficient building and happy occupants and users.

Price Free
Hosting availability SaaS
Consultancy Not required
Available languages Dutch; English
Region availability The Netherlands
KI 16201


What is the HUMBLE Online Software Platform?

Within our world, each and every property owner or manager is in a constant search for grip. And that’s a real challenge: after all, property maintenance involves a lot of information from various systems and work processes that are not aligned. Moreover, we have to deal with ever-changing laws and regulations.

In short: while everyone has information, is it easily and quickly accessible? Is it up-to-date? Does it help you make decisions? Does it inform your partners and suppliers, and does it fully safeguard your legal framework? HUMBLE offers the solution. It is the new standard in property management software.

How does it work?

One thing we want is for everyone to be able to work with our product, no matter how much (or little) you know about property data management. Increasingly, things are being digitalized, and HUMBLE responds to that effectively. HUMBLE has a fully API-driven platform that automatically exchanges data between different platforms, including TOPdesk. It’s just a matter of configuration.

Your benefits

Property management with HUMBLE is based more on facts than feelings. As an example, your real estate is able to communicate predictively: well in advance, it indicates that a certain element needs attention, so you don’t get any surprises. Applied at the right time and place, HUMBLE connects real estate challenges with real estate solutions. In this way, you are never caught up again!

Along with our partners, HUMBLE unburdens real estate owners in the management of their properties and ensures that buildings get the maintenance they need.