GoBright Desk Management

Solution created by GoBright BV

Take hybrid and flexible working to the next level with GoBright Desk Management. Search and book your desk based on your preferences. Pre-set your personal preferences for the sitting / standing height of your desk. And use te interactive Map to find your colleague.

Price Paid
Hosting availability SaaS
Consultancy Not required
Available languages Dutch, English, German, Danish, Swedish
Region availability Global


At GoBright we create availability and support employees in new ways of working with GoBright Desk Management. We give organisations the opportunity to develop new ways of working successfully and provide them with one user-, IT- and facility-friendly platform for their entire workplace management. It is our goal to help employees work smarter, faster and more efficiently and to make use of the building and workplaces in a smarter way.

Check the occupation status of workplaces and book your desk within seconds. Use the smart app or online portal to make a booking anytime, anywhere on a interactive floorplan. Check in / out at your desk and pre-set your personal preferences.

  • Be assured of a desk that suits your needs.
  • Find a colleague and book a workspace nearby.
  • Manage desk occupancy; save money and space.

Complete desk booking software with optional additions such as unique hardwareMappingdesk sensors and Locker integration.

With modern ways of working such as activity-based or open-spaced working, flexible desk use automatically comes into play. GoBright desk booking software facilitates these ways of agile working.


Online desk selection
Book a desk online, or via app, so you’re sure of having a place to work. No more endless searching for a desk.

Visible occupation
Check the status of a desk as you enter the office with our interactive floorplan, Mapping, Connect and Glow.

Create your own personal space
Pre-set your personal sitting / standing height of a desk. And set the GoBright Connect to the color Blue, if you don’t want to be disturbed.

Stimulating hot desking
Thanks to advanced desk management, a desk can be occupied by several colleagues in one day.

Clear analytics
Manage your office space efficiently and empower facility managers to make the right interpretations of the use of assets.

Customer specific solution
Scalable and custom made for every company. Want the full package, or just a few elements? Together we find the right answers.