Worcade Collaboration Platform

By Worcade

Worcade is a collaboration platform for service professionals.

Price Free
TOPdesk version TOPdesk 6 and up
Hosting availability SaaS, Continuous deployment, On-premises
Consultancy Not required


Worcade is a collaboration platform for service professionals. The Worcade collaboration platform is integrated seamlessly with TOPdesk. The Worcade tab enables you to forward a call to your customer or supplier with ease.

TOPdesk customers can communicate with other service professionals from other organizations from their service management tool. To start a conversation, an operator simply clicks the Worcade tab in TOPdesk. Adding information from the TOPdesk call requires just one click.

The other party can respond immediately to the conversation – whether they use TOPdesk or not. All participants receive update notifications.

Connect to the Worcade collaboration platform

TOPdesk administrators can enable Worcade in TOPdesk. Open Functional Settings > Worcade and click “Connect to Worcade”.

Mail import (optional)

Linking TOPdesk’s mail import to Worcade allows operators to spot updated cards in their to-do list and read supplier updates in TOPdesk’s field action on the first tab of the incident card.
Read our mail import integration page for more information.

Action sequences (optional)

We’ve published a few Action Sequences to help you automate the interaction between Worcade and TOPdesk.

Benefits of the solution

  • All information in one location
    By having all conversations in Worcade, you can keep all communication organized in one place.
  • Communication with suppliers made easy
    Worcade provides a simple way to chat with other service professionals from your TOPdesk.
  • Communicating without giving access to your TOPdesk
    Worcade notifies all participants of a conversation. This email contains a link to the conversation.
  • Anytime, anywhere
    Worcade is equally compatible with any device with an internet connection. You don’t need to be logged into TOPdesk to use Worcade.

Note: Worcade is sometimes misspelled as Workade, Worcaid, Workaid or even Wordcade.


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