WISH Real Estate Management Integration

Solution created by Facility Kwadraat

Streamline your real estate processes and support managers and employees in managing, maintaining and renting their property.

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Available languages Netherlands, German and English
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Real Estate Management deserves smart software: WISH Real Estate Management Integration

For a lot of organizations, real estate  management is an important factor in their decision-making process. We know better than anyone how important it is for real estate to be managed efficiently, safely and economically within facility management. We are an innovative software company, with a prominent name within our field of expertise. Through WISH and our services, we support managers and employees in managing, maintaining and renting their property. And we streamline all the related processes. So that clients, renters and employees can live and work comfortably and responsibly.

Laws and regulations and themes like safety and sustainability also increase the desire to find a smart way to deal with buildings and facilities. In WISH Real Estate Management, you can combine all operational, tactical and strategic performances of your real estate.

Integration with Servicedesk and TOPdesk Self-Service portal (SSP)

WISH has its own API and faultlessly links with TOPdesk. By linking the API, (certain) data from one system are exchanged with the other system. As a result, TOPdesk and WISH can work together effectively and safely, and your organization doesn’t have to do the same work twice. We make use of Rest APIs to connect the desired functionalities with both mobile and desktop applications, in a scalable and quick way.

This way, things like maintenance problems, defects and repair requests can simply be reported via the Servicedesk and TOPdesk Self-Service portal (SSP). Because of the API-link, the property and non-property reports (tickets) will smoothly find their way to both systems. Server-side, WISH will make the connections in the property area of the client, and then define actions with the right department, person or company. Through the same TOPdesk Servicedesk and Self-Service portal (SSP), WISH will communicate back and provide clear overviews, workflows and dashboards.

Aside from complaints and defects, WISH is ideal for managing planned maintenance, statutory inspections (NEN 3140) and audits of property and installations. The system will automatically generate recurring notifications from checklists, implementation agreements or long term maintenance plans (LTMP / MJOP). WISH Notification Management is your go-to property planner and logbook.

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Requirement: TOPdesk Property Management module.

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