Webropol automated XLA feedback survey

By Webropol

The Webropol survey plug-in allows you to automatically trigger surveys to your support customers

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The Webropol-TOPdesk integration allows you to automatically collect customer experience feedback about the service that they have received.

If you missed our webinar you can find out more about our integration by watching the link below:



We have developed a plugin in collaboration with TOPdesk. The plugin automatically sends a feedback survey to customers when their incident is closed in TOPdesk. The predefined customer satisfaction questions provide a better insight into customer experience and how your organization can improve.


  • Automatically trigger surveys to your support customers when a support incident is closed.  Questions are provided based on the RATER model or use your own questions
  • A dashboard solution provided by Webropol VIEW allows filtering and reporting of data
  • Possibility to benchmark against other service organisations if default questions are used

Benefits of the solution

  • Measure the intangibles that are often overlooked such as empathy, helpfulness and expectations vs delivery of service
  • Develop your service organisation beyond the SLA and get the tools and data to work on expectations
  • Automatic measuring of your customers Net Promotor Score (NPS) included in the questionnaire


About Webropol

Established in 2002, Webropol provide online survey and analysis software. We strive to give our customers best user and customer experience possible and each year over 30 million people answer surveys that have been created by one of our 70,000 Webropol users.

Today, we are established in the UK, Germany, Sweden and Finland. Independent Webropol resellers operate in Belgium, Latvia and Turkey.

In addition to XLA feedback survey, we also offer services such as training, consultancy, project management to make sure you get the best insights from our solutions.


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