ValidSign – Digital Signing in TOPdesk

Solution created by TOPdesk.
Partner software required: ValidSign

Connect ValidSign with TOPdesk for fast and secure completion of contracts, agreements, and documents without unnecessary printing and scanning.

Price Free
Hosting availability SaaS, On-premises on Virtual Appliance
Consultancy Required
Additional requirements ValidSign
Available languages Dutch, English, Danish, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese
Region availability Worldwide
KI 16115


Accelerate your business

How do you currently collect signatures from within your organization or from your customers and/or suppliers? Are you still signing documents on paper?

With the ValidSign platform, automating the signing process is easy and can accelerate your business processes. Preparing a transaction to allow individuals both inside and outside your organization to sign documents is simple. Just add the document(s), the (external) signers, and the verification method, then start the transaction. The signers will receive a notification to view and digitally sign the document. It’s easy and secure, on the most trusted cloud.

Simplify the signing process

With ValidSign’s hosted service, you can easily and securely invite others to sign documents on any device. Your documents can be signed in a fraction of the time compared to using pen and paper. By using ValidSign, you can reduce signing errors and strengthen your legal and compliance position with the most comprehensive electronic evidence. Archiving can be done automatically in your archive.

Improve customer experience

Serve your customers digitally without asking them to print, scan, and return signed documents. Your customers will immediately experience the ease of use. The signed contract will be returned and properly archived after the transaction is completed. With rising customer demands and expectations, businesses need to invest in customer experience initiatives. A recent Forrester study showed that 92% of companies see customer experience as a top priority. So why do so many companies struggle to plan and execute their customer experience initiatives?

Standard integrations

With over 250 standard integrations (connectors), it’s easy to sign documents in your own environment.

Integration with TOPdesk

It is possible to seamlessly integrate ValidSign and TOPdesk. With this integration, you can initiate a sign request either from the Self-Service Portal or the Operator Section in TOPdesk. After the document is signed or declined, the document is attached to different locations (asset, incident, change, reservation) in TOPdesk as a PDF file and the status will be changed accordingly.

The TOPdesk integration is used to sign documents for cases like:
– Short term Loan agreements
– Long term Loan agreements
– Work orders
– Employment contracts
– Sign SSP form

Please view a brief demo of the integration down below: