User Verification for TOPdesk

Solution created by FastPass

Verify the identity of users calling the service desk in a secure and intelligent workflow. Integrated into the TOPdesk workflow. Intuitive process for service desk supporters. Prevents user identity theft from the service desk, when passwords are issued when users have forgotten their passwords. Fast implementation low operational cost per user.

Price Paid
Hosting availability SaaS, On-premises on Virtual Appliance, Classic on-premises
Consultancy Required
Available languages More than 30 end-user languages


Identity Theft from a service desk is a real risk. If a hacker presents himself to a service desk supporter as a legitimate user with a user-id, the hacker will often be able to “steal” a password for the user with social engineering methods. This is Identity Theft. You can prevent this with FastPass “User verification with TOPdesk”.

Integrated in the TOPdesk ticket handling FastPass will force the supporter to follow a sequence of steps, to assure that it is the real user. Only FastPass can issue the new temporary password – the supporter must be blocked from access to Microsoft privileged rights for password issuance. The process is fast and intuitive- see the video:

FastPass “User Verification for TOPdesk” benefits:

  • Users can be verified in different ways linked to different TOPdesk categories
  • Individual Verification process defined per user group
  • Data for verification to be collected from many different available sources
  • MFA tokens available for verification:
    • Smartcard
    • OKTA
    • DUO
    • Microsoft Authenticator
    • Google Authenticator
    • RSA devices
    • MitId (Denmark)
    • The user’s PC


Different password resets covered:

  • Active Directory
  • Azure
  • SAP (all versions)
  • Oracle
  • SQL
  • LDAP
  • Google
  • And more

Benefits for users and help desk staff

  • Users’ passwords are protected
  • Responsibility for secure verification does not depend on the supporter
  • Intuitive process for supporter – not based on “common sense”

Benefits for CISO

  • Full control of password reset process
  • Protection of internal information against social engineering
  • Full compliance track in TOPdesk
  • Easy to implement security policies against identity theft in manual process
  • Low cost project complements Identity Management project

Technical information

  • FastPass available for on-premise and Cloud (AWS)
  • Integrates with TOPdesk in ticketing process and logging of events and actions directly to TOPdesk tickets
  • Available for all current TOPdesk versions
  • Requires virtual Windows servers either for on-premise or as a gateway for Cloud.