TrustBound GRC TOPdesk integration

Solution created by TrustBound

TrustBound provides a software platform for managing data governance, risk management, and compliance. When you create an incident in TOPdesk, this integration automatically forwards it to your TrustBound GRC administration for further processing.

Price Paid
TOPdesk version 13
Hosting availability SaaS
Consultancy Optional
Available languages Dutch, English
Region availability Worldwide (remote), support hours during Central European Time (CET) 09:00 to 17:00 (9 AM – 5 PM)


Avoid compliance issues with security incidents or databreaches and make it easier for your employees to work with TrustBound GRC by integrating TOPdesk. The TOPdesk integrations for the TrustBound GRC Platform include easy step-by-step configuration documentation, so no technical knowledge is needed to activate them.

Handling incidents and data breaches efficiently

Ensure that incidents are followed up and handled correctly. If an incident is classified as a data breach, compulsory timely steps are required to be taken. The TrustBound GRC platform provides the capabilities to streamline this process. When an employee creates an incident in TOPdesk, this integration takes care of automatically forwarding it to your TrustBound GRC administration for due  processing.

Company assets imported with 1 click

Save time and effort by using your TOPdesk asset database as the source for working with assets in TrustBound GRC. Company assets in TOPdesk may be imported into your TrustBound selectively: you choose which asset categories and assets should be included. This integration keeps track of which assets have been imported, so no need to worry that the same asset would be imported more than once.

You can effectively establish internal control by setting up and managing Internal Control Frameworks. TrustBound GRC offers a comprehensive module for creating and managing one or more frameworks, allowing you to provide descriptions, implementation guidelines, and desired evidence per maturity level for your measures. Moreover, you can link internal control measures internally or with external standards such as ISO 27001.

Features TrustBound GRC plaform

  • Compliance dashboard
  • Processing register
  • Risks and Measures
  • Audit & Supervision
  • Knowledge Base
  • Standards & Assessment frameworks
  • Workpackages
  • Privacy Smarthelp

The benefits TrustBound GRC plaform

Faster measurable results
Within TrustBound GRC, templates are available for standard documentation, processing registry, and systems used in the Government, Education, and Healthcare sectors; this allows organizations to optimize their available capacity to roll out the environment internally. TrustBound GRC aligns management with multiple quality standards for information security and data protection.

Visible effectiveness
TrustBound gives line managers ownership over topics within their knowledge domain and sphere of influence, enabling them to make a visible contribution to information security and data protection.

Simplified supervision
The Data Protection Officer has real-time visibility into the progress of established measures across departments and at board level. It quickly identifies areas requiring additional attention; moreover, it provides an excellent starting point for discussions with the board.

Informed decision-making
The executive has access to the information necessary to justify the policies implemented and make informed decisions about allocating time and resources.

Continuity assurance
Centrally and consistently documenting the information infrastructure along with its associated risks and measures ensures visibility and transferability.