TrakaWEB integration

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Manage your company’s keys and asset within TOPdesk!

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Hosting availability SaaS
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Available languages Dutch, English, German
Region availability Worldwide

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With the TrakaWEB integration, administrators can now enrol TOPdesk users into the Traka database, grant access levels to key cabinets and intelligent lockers, and receive Traka events and alarms back into the TOPdesk application for seamless day to day operation of our asset management solutions.


  • Seamless integration allows Traka system administration from familiar TOPdesk environment.
  • Significant reduction in administration overhead.
  • Create, update and deactivate user from TOPdesk to TrakaWEB.
  • Manage TrakaWEB reservations within TOPdesk.
  • Traka’s alarm and event messages are forwarded to TOPdesk. This allows monitoring directly from the TOPdek application.

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