TOPdesk Problem and SLA Dashboard for Power BI

Solution created by Victa B.V.

Complete Analytics – Dashboard Suite for Problem and SLA management.

Price Paid
Hosting availability SaaS
Consultancy Optional
Available languages Dutch and English
Region availability Worldwide (remote), support during Dutch office hours (CET)


Use data that your organization collects through using TOPdesk software. TOPdesk provides you with the software to manage incidents and changes, Victa helps you to create insights based on TOPdesk data. Find out how you can improve your service level by leveraging the TOPdesk Problem and SLA Dashboard for Power BI.

Powered by Microsoft Power BI

The TOPdesk Analytics dashboards have been developed on the powerful Business Intelligence (BI) platform of Microsoft Power BI. Connect to and visualise any data using the unified, scalable platform for self-service and enterprise business intelligence (BI) that’s easy to use and helps you gain deeper data insight. In the monitor you can descend to the lowest level of detail (look for an Problem). In short, all data is easily and quickly available. In the Power BI Service it is possible to print out each of the various information components in report form. This can be done for PowerPoint, email (PDF) and physical print so that you can share this information with your colleagues at all times.

TOPdesk Dashboard for Power BI includes:

  • Problem Management Dashboards
  • SLA Management Dashboards

Problem Management data insight examples:

  • How many problems occur in what time frame? What day(s) of the week, month or year do incidents significantly increase? How many support consultants do I need at what time of the year?
  • What causes our lead time to be significantly above our target?
  • How many problems are not resolved within our SLA time? Which problemsare not resolved and why weren’t they resolved?
  • Monitor the performance of individuals, groups or departments.
  • Discover trends in incident comparisons across days, weeks, months or years.
  • And many more insights to discover …

 SLA data insight examples:

  • Discover trends in amount of change requests per country, organisation, department, person or certain dates during a year.
  • Find out whether you meet your SLA response times by comparing it to your average lead time.
  • Use filters such as change complexity, status or category
  • Monitor the performance of individuals, groups or departments.
  • Show your dashboard with open problems, average lead time and longest open problem request on a television in your office.
  • And many more insights to discover ..

Benefits of our TOPdesk SLA Dashboard for Power BI:

  • Enterprise BI Solution for a small business price;
  • Go beyond query-based tools and explore your data without blind spots;
  • Near real-time monitoring of Problems and SLA;
  • Very user friendly interface, anyone can create insights;
  • Supported by any device;
  • Pay per year per model;

*Optional: Custom dashboards require consultancy services.
*Optional: Combining multiple external datasources with your TOPdesk data require consultancy services.

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