TOPdesk plugin to Zervicepoint Service automation system

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Automates boring manual standardized tasks for you so that you can use your time for more complex and creative work.

Price Paid
Hosting availability SaaS, On-premises on Virtual Appliance
Consultancy Required
Available languages Swedish and English
Region availability Support during Swedish office hours (CET)


Zervicepoint takes care of the boring manual standardized tasks for you so that you can use your time for more complex and creative work. Whether the process regards order, access control, file shares or any other tasks where time may be of essence, Zervicepoint will help your organization to cut time spent and money of making the service available for the end customer 24/7.  

By integrating TOPdesk to Zervicepoint you will open the possibility to mix manual and automated tasks within Change Management. Get a complete overview of  all the steps visualized to the agent in one place and let both systems handle the hand over in between the automated and manual tasks. Zervicepoint has the possibility to use multiple data sources of input into forms which later can provide and feed TOPdesk with all the information you need for the final steps in an otherwise complex process.  

Zervicepoint comes with a vast library of standard plugins or custom build your own. Choose the standard plugins that you need for your organization and your set of automations. Examples of often used plugins are Digital Signing, Product Catalogue Sync, Active Directory, Exchange, Microsoft SCCM, MS SQL, Azure and Office 365 to name a few.  

Zervicepoint is a low code platform which is very integration friendly and built for scalability.  


Reasons to use Zervicepoint 

  • Save time and money on standardized tasks 
  • Uphold quality of delivery by cutting out human errors 
  • Make use of complex forms that makes the processes easier for the end user  
  • Self Service available 24/7 
  • Visualize automated tasks as a part of a Change Management process 

Examples of Service Automation tasks that can be initiated from TOPdesk 

  • Password reset 
  • Add and remove permissions 
  • Request applications 
  • Add and remove licenses 
  • Add and remove user accounts  

Examples of functionality when using Zervicepoint Self Service Portal to TOPdesk

  • Create or update assets
  • Create or close incidents or changes
  • My Incidents or changes Overview
  • Create or update users within TOPdesk


Example of one Automated Process is HR services integrated to TOPdesk

Isn’t it time to ramp up the experience at work for your employees? By offering them all services connected to their work-life and your office in one place, it’s possible with Zervicepoint integrated to TOPdesk!


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