TOPdesk & Docusign Integration

Solution created by TOPdesk.
Partner software required: Docusign

This integration will automate your documents elaborations and e-mail sendings using TOPdesk data (employee information, asset information etc). After the signing flow is complete, a copy of the signed document will be attchached to the change activitie.

This solution is an Action Sequence. TOPdesk's Action Sequences make it possible to integrate with other tools that have a REST API, without the need for programming. Find out more here.
Price Free
Hosting availability SaaS, On-premises on Virtual Appliance
Consultancy Required
Additional requirements Change Management / Active Docusign subscription
Available languages Portuguese
Region availability Brazil
TOPdesk or unknown
TOPdesk or unknown


Automate your signing needs on change activities

This integration makes possible to use TOPdesk data (signers, personal document numbers, asset numbers etc) to automatically create and send documents to be signed using Docusign.

When the signing process is complete, a copy of the signed document will be attached to the change activitie and this change activitie will be automatically solved.


  • Integration with Workflows: Integration of electronic signature platforms with TOPdesk allows documents to move more fluidly through internal processes.
  • Less Errors and Lost Documents: By eliminating the need to handle physical documents, the likelihood of human errors such as misplaced documents or lost signatures is reduced.
  • Agility and Speed: The electronic signature eliminates the need to print, scan and send physical documents, which considerably speeds up the signature process. This is especially useful in business transactions, contracts and agreements that require quick responses.

TOPdesk modules needed: Change Management

Pricing details/Consultancy details:

  • Partner consultancy: No
  • TOPdesk consultancy: Yes, see pricing below:
    • Implementation value/day: BRL 2365.00
    • Effort: 1 day for 1 doc. Other docs, + 0.5 day per doc.

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