TOPdesk data model in Power BI

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TOPdesk data model for self service report- and dashboard development in Power BI.

Price Paid
Hosting availability SaaS
Consultancy Optional
Additional requirements Microsoft Power BI is required


Analyse your TOPdesk data with Microsoft Power BI. Together with TOPdesk we have developed the TOPdesk data model in Power BI. This model makes it easy to develop your own Power BI reports and dashboards all by yourself.

Get off to a flying start with the TOPdesk data model and create your service management insights today!


The benefits of the TOPdesk data model in Power BI:

  • Start immediately and save loads of time
  • Works on the standard TOPdesk Odata feed
  • Create exactly those reports that fit your needs
  • Use the standard data model for further development
  • Combines cross module TOPdesk data in one data set
  • Continuous development of the data model