TOPdesk Connector for Splunk

By SMT - Simple Management Technologies

Integrate Splunk with TOPdesk for automatic ticket creation as a configurable alert action.

Price Paid
Hosting availability SaaS, Continuous deployment, On-premises
Consultancy Optional
Additional requirements Splunk Enterprise 7.3 or newer


SMT is the largest dedicated Splunk partner in the Netherlands. For over 10 years, we have been helping organisations turn data into value so that they can strive for operational excellence, increase security assurance and operate their business at a more innovative level. This is done by connecting a wide variety of  data sources to our Enriched Data Analytics Platform® which has Splunk at the core. From here, analysis and reporting on data becomes a walk in the park and we can automate processes to other platforms such as TOPdesk with our TOPdesk connector for Splunk.

The TOPdesk Connector for Splunk allows for the fully automatic creation of tickets in TOPdesk as a result of an alert or saved search in Splunk. This connector comes as a installable Splunk add-on and complies fully with Splunk’s Modular Alert Framework. Installation takes about 1 hour. For more information please refer to the document page.

Process flow from Splunk to TOPdesk via the SMT connectorThis connector gives you:

  • Actionable tickets in TOPdesk, based on data, analysis, correlation and intelligence from Splunk.
  • Automatic ticket generation by Splunk in TOPdesk. No more manual ticket creation!
  • Splunk populates TOPdesk ticket data for you. No more copy & pasting!
  • Assign tickets in TOPdesk based on information from Splunk.
  • Manage your operations from one place, TOPdesk.
  • Installation of the TOPdesk connector costs less than an hour

Up and coming features include:

  • Bi-directional communication for Splunk, ITSI and Enterprise Security
  • Pull CMDB data from TOPdesk to populate assets in ITSI and Enterprise Security
  • Push live asset information from Splunk back into TOPdesk