TOPdesk Connector for Splunk

Solution created by SMT - Simple Management Technologies

Connect Splunk with TOPdesk for the automatic creation of actionable tickets.

Price Paid
Hosting availability SaaS
Consultancy Optional
Additional requirements Splunk Enterprise 7.3 or newer
Available languages English
Region availability Worldwide


SMT is the largest Splunk partner in the Netherlands, already for more than ten years. We support organisations turn data into value so that they can strive for operational excellence, increase security assurance and operate their business at a more innovative level. This is done by connecting a wide variety of  data sources to our Enriched Data Analytics Platform® which has Splunk at the core. From here, analysis and reporting on data is possible and we can automate processes to other platforms such as TOPdesk.

With the TOPdesk connector for Splunk you can automate the creation of tickets in TOPdesk based on Splunk alert logic. Use the connector to enrich TOPdesk incidents with information from Splunk and directly assign them to the correct team, further reducing time taken for incident resolution.The TOPdesk connector for Splunk is packaged as a bundle of Splunk apps and can be installed via the Splunk User Interface.

The connector gives you:

  • Actionable tickets in TOPdesk, based on data, analysis, correlation and intelligence from Splunk.
  • Automatic ticket generation by Splunk in TOPdesk. No more manual ticket creation!
  • Track TOPdesk incident progress in Splunk.
  • One click access from TOPdesk to related Splunk information and vice versa.

More information?

For more information about the Connector, Splunk or our organisation, please check our website!