TOPdesk Collaboration Hub

Solution created by Scope4mation

TOPdesk Collaboration Hub improves collaboration between Managed Service Providers and their customers. It is easy to set up and maintain and has more than enough features to satisfy all your basic requirements for information exchange between TOPdesk environments.

Price Paid
Hosting availability SaaS, On-premises on Virtual Appliance
Consultancy Not required
Available languages Dutch, English
Region availability European Economic Area (EEA)


As Managed Service Provider (MSP) you quickly improve your interaction with your TOPdesk customers in an easy way with the TOPdesk Collaboration Hub!

What is the TOPdesk Collaboration Hub?

The TOPdesk Collaboration Hub, short TCH, is used to communicate smoothly between two or more TOPdesk environments. The TCH was created from a collaboration between Scope4mation and TOPdesk!

Different scenario’s will be available in the future, but the first scenario that we created is a scenario for MSP’s and their customers:

Ticket initiation:

Ticket updating and closing:

In this scenario customers initiate the communication with the MSP. The ticket can be updated on either side and the call can be closed by both the MSP and the customer.

The MSP-customers scenario already brings a lot of value in the collaboration between MSP’s and customers. To add even more value the scenario will be expanded with some additional features. In the near future exchanging simple changes will be available as well.

We are also considering to add other scenario’s to the TCH, for example:

  • Ticket initiation by the MSP (monitoring incidents) in the MSP-customers scenario
  • TOPdesk collaboration with other ITSM-tools in the MSP-customers scenario
  • Two way synchronisation between two random TOPdesk instances (MSP-MSP, customer-customer, customer with two or more instances)

Please contact us if you have an idea or request!

TOPdesk Collaborion Hub (Scope4mation) versus TOPdesk Collaboration Platform (TOPdesk)   

TOPdesk’s TCP works fine in situations with basic requirements for the exchange of ticket information between two TOPdesk instances. TCP falls short in the MSP-multiple customer setup. TCP needs multiple action sequences to create a more extensive exchange of information. Setting up, maintaining and changing action sequences needs experience and takes a lot of time and costs.

The TCH is easy to set up and uses limited action sequences. Maintenance is limited as well. The action sequences for both MSP and customer are available for the MSP in the online manual. The TCH offers the following standard features:

  • Syncing attachments
  • Status field updates
  • External ticket number exchange
  • Fixed or unregistered caller options
  • Clear distinction and overview of customer connections

Screenshots TCH in Qixium platform:

  • Overview attachments
  • Overview connections
  • Overview jobs
  • Job history

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