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Seamless multi-source integration by ONEiO is our cloud solution that connects service management tools.It ensures integration of your processes with your service vendors, partners and customers in a fast, easy and cost-effective way.

Why would you want to think about Service Integration?

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This kind of business process automation leads to seamless services, supported by a multiparty ecosystem.

It entails a standard (ITIL, e.g.) process workflow and B2B connections to manage & resolve support issues across help desk, tech support, field service and service provider.

It enables real time SLA and vendor management. Unified operational and SLA metrics create a single point of control to actively track and gain actionable insights in vendor performance.

Our Solution solves multi-sourced service integration challenges as:

– Resolving Incidents Efficiently

– Timely communication  Status/Change

– Vendor Management Performance and SLA Reporting

– Overlapping Responsibilities tackled

It automates  business processes and exchange of support information, cutting down the amount of phone calls, emails, overall communication to solve issues quicker (27%) and lowering operational expenses. (Source:Customer project)



Your three integration options

Integration of your ITSM tools gives your three option?


When integrating non-standard processes and tools, like ITSM or customer service, the challenge is to find a common ground for adaptation.
This is relatively tricky when you have to deal with external parties as well as internal teams when you want to integrate processes that are passing through multiple different tools.
In such a scenario no one can’t control the other side of the integration because it is typically already defined. It turns into spaghetti!

Not a platform, our solution is a hub!

ONEiO provides all needed technology, application adapters, support, maintenance, monitoring, error handling etc. as SaaS in continuous delivery model with end-to-end SLA and zero downtime.

As a result you will have full control to integration and to all connected endpoints. Management of integrations is centralised into ONEiO providing end-to-end visibility to integration landscape.

Centralised integration logic and isolated endpoints enable customer to re-use defined integration logic. So regardless of the type of connected application or interface,  ONEiO adapts automatically to all integration mechanisms without any additional development.


ITSM Ecosystem

Knowledge of the ITSM ecosystem has evolved over the last 20 years. Therefore experience in multi-sourced service delivery technology resulted in lot of adapters being made and maintained to connect to the most common ITSM tools.  And a large amount of “usual suspects” in IT Service Delivery have been connected to our solution.


Project approach of multi-sourced integration

The ideal start state:

  • Processes and responsibilities are in place and described at all ends. Communication and escalation lines are agreed with all parties involved. And where process key performance indicator are in line with the Service Level Agreements.


Or maybe not an ideal state?


  • CS & Topdesk Quick Implementation Scan: One gets advice and solutions to fill in any gaps
  • Project starts based on current usage of tooling and by implementing best practices.
  • In iterative approach ensures necessary  improvements are realized

The actual project planning