Testersuite – TOPdesk integration

Solution created by Testersuite

Seamless integration TOPdesk and Testersuite B.V.

Price Free
Hosting availability SaaS, On-premises on Virtual Appliance
Consultancy Not required
Additional requirements Testersuite subscription
Available languages Dutch, English
Region availability Worldwide
KI 15775


Looking for an easy way to test your TOPdesk changes? Testersuite integrates with TOPdesk’s Change Management. No other integration tools needed, it is a full out of the box integration between TOPdesk and Testersuite. We make testing and checking activities easy for rookies and pro’s. Testersuite integrates with the TOPdesk module Change Management¬†through the TOPdesk API. This new standard is very easy to configure and is very stable. The integration works as follows:

TOPdesk changes are available in Testersuite

Select and retrieve the TOPdesk changes you want to test

Test the changes in Testersuite and register your test results

Optional: create TOPdesk calls with Testersuite issues

More info

Would you like to know more about our TOPdesk integration? Send an email to info@testersuite.nl. Do you want to try out Testersuite first? Click here and start your free Testersuite trial.