Tenjin – your digital assistant

Solution created by Biomni

Price Paid
Hosting availability SaaS
Consultancy Optional
Available languages Multi-lingual support for most languages
Region availability Worldwide
KI 16130


An end-user should be no more than a few clicks from resolution when things aren’t working as expected. And when things go wrong, they shouldn’t need to jump through hoops attempting to gain a speedy resolution; the remedy should be as simple as chat… Tenjin is your digital assistant to get you back to what you do best without delay and downtime.

Knowledge is the key to Hybrid working

While in the office, employees share their knowledge freely with co-workers to benefit themselves and the wider business. But now hybrid work is the norm, we risk losing the opportunity to make these personal interactions. As a result, questions remain unanswered, internal processes are forgotten, and vital business knowledge is lost.

And when technical glitches get in the way of work, you don’t want your employees waiting for support; we want them back to maximum productivity as quickly as possible. Self-help is proven to be the most effective way for employees to gain access to resolutions with speed and ease and can solve vast amounts of time and support costs.

Tenjin enables you to federate multiple knowledge sources and apply Tenjin’s Natural Language Understanding and AI to maximise its purpose. Tenjin will link users to the most relevant information regardless of where it originates. As part of the continual improvement that Tenjin brings to your TOPdesk implementation, Tenjin also highlights where knowledge can be approved to meet the needs of your end-users, ensuring that self-help is optimised within your organisation.


Tenjin is your always-on co-worker!

Tenjin is an employee-focused chatbot solution that leverages your existing investment in TOPdesk. Employees chat with Tenjin and ask questions, just like any other chat platform, and Tenjin’s AI links your questions with the most suitable answer, getting you back to business as usual. Employees can also check on the status of an open TOPdesk ticket or create a new ticket if need be, all from the same familiar chat experience.

Tenjin will also guide end-users through service request processes and ensure that governance and workflow processes are adhered to. And there’s no need to rebuild your existing TOPdesk processes; Tenjin can leverage these and address the self-help and service-service experience!

Chat as you like

The Tenjin chat experience is available everywhere where you work. If you spend most of your day in Microsoft Teams, you can access Tenjin just like another contact. We also have apps for other popular collaboration tools and embeddable web chat clients to extend Tenjin’s reach wherever required.

Publish multiple Tenjin Digital Assistants for different departments, groups or internal and external customers. All can have their own brand, knowledge, conversational flows and automation.

Tenjin detects the user’s language and translates interactions in real-time. This means that you only have to manage your knowledge in one base language and let Tenjin take care of your multi-lingual needs.





Conversational AI flows with NLU

Tenjin’s Natural Language Understanding (NLU) features are being enhanced to provide greater control over language-driven chatbots. Alongside Tenjin’s easy-to-configure “rules-based” option of guiding a user through the most appropriate intent and related process, the enhanced natural language features will provide a powerful means to map utterances to intents/processes. Leverage Biomni-certified Blueprints of conversational workflows to accelerate deployment and extend use cases with other systems.

Integrate with your enterprise systems, like TOPdesk, and the cloud apps that your business relies upon. Tenjin Flow has 100’s of pre-built integrates with SaaS and Cloud apps.