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With the telephony integration software of Red Cactus, incoming and outgoing calls will generate on-screen notifications on your computer.

Price Paid
Hosting availability SaaS
Consultancy Optional
Available languages No restrictions
Region availability Worldwide
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With the telephony integration software of Red Cactus, incoming and outgoing calls will generate on-screen notifications on your computer. These contain customer information from TOPdesk and you also have the ability to open the TOPdesk customer card directly from these notifications. This integration is part of the Bubble telephony integration software from Red Cactus and supports almost every telephone system worldwide!

Technical setup
Connecting Bubble and the telephony integration to your telephone system is very straight forward. Bubble has a number of unique features. The procedure is unique to each telephone system, but they all have one thing in common, you don’t need to be very technical to do it. The TOPdesk API is reached using an API key.

Top functions

  • Telephone providers | Support for almost every telephone system worldwide!
  • Operating systems | Support for Windows and macOS
  • Single-sign on | Log in with your Microsoft or Google account; no need to share and remember multiple passwords.
  • Multi-languages | Determine the language of the components in the pop-up by adding the words in the language of your choice.
  • Determine pop-up content | The content of the pop-up can be filled completely according to your own wishes using the information from your CRM/ERP application.
  • Determine buttons |Activate up to four buttons with functionalities that your integration has to offer or use one of the many standard actions.
  • Last called | It is possible to directly display the name of the colleague who last spoke or tried to call the caller.
  • Screen and position | Working with multiple screens? Decide at which screen and in what position you want to see the pop-up
  • Click & call functionality | Standard is Bubble equipped with the click & call and select & call functionality so making calls is easy
  • Activate multiple CRM connectors | It is possible to run multiple CRM- ERP- integrations simultaneously under one user at no extra costs
  • Recall conversations | In one click, the completed conversation pop-ups can be retrieved to show the information again.
  • Visibility | The colour of the popup is grey, by default. The moment you answer a call, the colour of the pop-up changes to green.

Free trial license
If you want to test the integration first, you can request a test account from a Red Cactus partner. The Red Cactus license is free for 30 days with a maximum of 5 users. Ask for any additional conditions at the Red Cactus partner or contact Red Cactus directly for more information.

Price (the prices listed are without VAT)
Free trial license available on request (30 days with a max of 5 users)
Setup price per end customer: €150.00
Setup price per end user: €25.00 | Monthly recurring price per end user: €5.00

For telecompartners / telecomproviders
If you need technical information, please check our knowledge base by clicking here. If you are interested in becoming a reseller, please contact us at

Mail us at or via our phone number +31113405065.