Stratusphere UX integration

Solution created by Liquidware

Stratusphere UX integration of Liquidware.

Price Free
Hosting availability SaaS, On-premises on Virtual Appliance
Consultancy Required
Available languages English
Region availability Worldwide (remote), support hours during (CET)
KI 15464


Stratusphere UX offers the ability to flow its metrics and information into other operational and systems tools through an API, allowing the most critical information to be delivered in relevant formats to critical IT decision makers.

Stratusphere UX has been integrated with TOPdesk via this API to provide TOPdesk customers with a seamless way to pull rich data from Stratusphere UX into TOPdesk’s service management software, creating an enhanced view of user issues in the TOPdesk ticket logs.

Key benefits of Stratusphere UX are:

  • Assess and quantify machine, user, application, OS and infrastructure metrics
  • Platform agnostic, supporting all digital workspace platforms and physical machines
  • Comprehensive metrics and historical data to ensure deep forensic diagnosis of root causes of issues in the environment
  • Proactive monitoring and scoring to quantify the user experience in terms of good, fair, poor performance
  • Monitoring of remote workers in “Work from Anywhere” scenarios
  • Quantify application use to support design of an application strategy using the best practices and solutions for each use case. Login breakdown to quickly identify source of time-consuming bottlenecks
  • Identify unused applications to recoup licensing costs
  • Process Optimization features assists to prolong life of hardware usage
  • Design infrastructure and size resources based on actual resource consumption
  • Plan and adjust infrastructure capacity (CPU, RAM, GPU, Storage, IOPs) as requirements change
  • On-going and proactive monitoring—the ability to quantify the user experience
  • Support Security Posture reporting with dedicated security metrics. Model “What-if” scenarios and optimization opportunities during major stages of change, including upgrading OS, applying patches, installing new versions, etc.

Integration instructions

Customers of both TOPdesk and Liquidware can find instruction on how to setup the integration on

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