Social intranet / Digital Workplace

Solution created by a&m impact

A social intranet for healthcare professionals.

Price Free
Hosting availability SaaS
Consultancy Required
Available languages Dutch
Region availability The Netherlands
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Social intranet / Digital Workplace for Healthcare
How to ensure that all employees in the organization search, find and share the right information in a central place? And how to reach potential employees or relatives as an important target group? We are a&m impact and with almost 25 years of expertise in digital communication for healthcare, we offer unique and user-friendly solutions to these challenges.

Our social intranets, websites and portals have been specially developed for and by healthcare professionals. Tickets, incidents, reservations and knowledge items from TOPdesk can be easily made available to employees, volunteers and external parties on our social intranet and portal. They do not have to worry about double logins, security, up-to-dateness and integration.

All our communication solutions can be easily linked together. This makes a duplication of work no longer necessary. Due to our critical view on security (ISO 27001 and NEN7510), all data is in a safe place. Our applications are available on all devices. We work for more than 100 healthcare organizations and have 200.000+ users. We are located in Doetinchem, the Netherlands.

How does it work you may ask?
Please watch our video. Tom is happy to take you through the social intranet of a&m impact. Specially made for and by healthcare. Note: the video is in Dutch.

Please visit our website to read more about social intranet.


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