Tools4ever – IDaaS HelloID

Solution created by Tools4ever B.V.

Tools4ever Identity as a Service (IDaaS) solution, HelloID and TOPdesk ITSM software collaboration.

Price Free
TOPdesk version TOPdesk Enterprise 2018-June and up
Hosting availability SaaS
Consultancy Optional
Available languages English (administrator interface) Multi language (end user interface)
Region availability Worldwide, remote and on location


As a TOPdesk partner, Tools4ever has a certified application connector between the Tools4ever Identity as a Service (IDaaS) solution, HelloID and TOPdesk.

The information in your organization’s different systems needs to be up to date. Changing the data in all these systems takes up a lot of time. With the application connector made between HelloID and TOPdesk, this is done automatically. The application connector makes sure that your user accounts are managed in a timely, uniform, and efficient way. Tools4ever’s HelloID software automates manual procedures in the user lifecycle process, Employee commencement, Staff advancement and Ticket management. This application connector automates the entire management process, saving you time and money.

Tools4ever realizes a leading Identity as a Service (IDaaS) solution, HelloID. This solution consists of three modules (Provisioning, Service Automation and Access Management).


With HelloID Provisioning, a link is realized between any HR-system and the person/operator cards in TOPdesk. This automates the entire onboarding, offboarding and transfer process. Changes to person/operator cards, including their permissions, are carried out quickly, error free and efficiently. For every change, HelloID can automatically create and close the relevant tickets including simple or extensive changes in TOPdesk. This creates a central registration point in TOPdesk which always provides an up-to-date registration of changes concerning an employee. When did the employee receive an account, what systems were they for, who approved additional user rights, which helpdesk employee performed a password reset, etc.

Service automation

The Service Automation module fits in seamlessly with the Provisioning module an ensures that manual network changes are handled in a structured manner. The Provisioning process automates almost all network changes, but unfortunately not 100%. This is because not everything is always administered in the HR system. Examples of these kinds of changes are: additional access to MS Project, an increase to an E5 license, MS Visio, but also access to employee information or a shared e-mailbox. This additional access is almost always temporary and must also be approved. Without the HelloID module Service Automation, these kinds of changes are handled manually by the IT helpdesk or Functional Management (FB).

Thanks to this further integration of HelloID and TOPdesk, employees and managers can organize their IT applications and other resources themselves. This means that helpdesk employees are no longer needed to handle a request. This is the ultimate form of Shift Left. Employees can request access to applications or resources with a simple mouse click in the HelloID self-service catalog. They gain considerably faster access to requested applications while managers gain a better understanding of who has access to which resources, as well as better insights regarding their own department’s information and communication technology (ICT) costs. It will also make the IT department look much more professional.

Access Management

HelloID Access Management (AM) offers employees, citizens, patients/clients, chain partners, customers-of-customers of (potential) customers easy access to applications. HelloID AM offers Single Sign On (SSO), two-factor (2FA/MFA) and a cloud-based dashboard.

Tools4ever’s Access Management within the HelloID portal connects seamlessly with TOPdesk’s Self-Service Portal. Following a single TOPdesk authentication, end users access their dashboard of authorized cloud applications. HelloID ensures access to TOPdesk, enforces multifactor authentication (if required), and offers end users Single Sign-On to all cloud applications regardless of their individual protocols.

The operation of all HelloID modules is well explained in this video:

Tools4ever serves organizations from a 100 to more than 50,000 user accounts and is used in education, healthcare, government institutions, as well as business service providers and industrial companies. In the Netherlands, Tools4ever, with over 650 active clients, is market leader in the field of Identity & Access Management.

Tools4ever invests explicitly in certification and evaluation of our solutions. In addition to being a Gold Microsoft Partner, we are also ISO 27001 and OpenID certified. We are also certified for our various partner systems. Additionally, security experts from Deloitte carry out a HelloID security scan every six months. This is how we monitor the high quality of Tools4ever products and services.

For additional information on connecting TOPdesk to HelloID as a provisioning target, please refer to the following GitHub links: