Identity Access Management (Cloud Single Sign-On)

By Tools4ever

Tools4ever Identity Management and TOPdesk ITSM software collaboration.

Price Paid
TOPdesk version TOPdesk Enterprise 2018-June and up
Hosting availability SaaS, Classic on-premises
Consultancy Optional
TOPdesk or unknown
TOPdesk or unknown


Tools4ever Provisioning, Service Automation and Cloud SSO

A close collaboration between Identity Management and ITSM software offers many advantages to organizations. Tools4ever has developed and implemented Identity Management (IDM) solutions for more than 15 years. TOPdesk has been the specialist in ITSM for over 20 years. The two Dutch companies have been working together for more than a decade, with their software integrations covering multiple areas.

Benefits of Tools4ever and TOPDesk integration

  1. Significant reduction of manual work for service desk agents.
  2. Very professional outlook for the IT department into the organization
  3. Complete audit trail in TOPdesk. See direct who has carried out which action and for which employee.
  4. 100% cloud-based standard software, implementation is out-of-the-box within 1 day
  5. Managers have direct insight into the access rights of their employees.

The below video explains how TOPdesk and HelloID from Tools4ever work together. The integration elements are:

  1. Single Sign-On (SSO)/ Authentication
  2. Identity Management and Change Management
  3. Service automation and Shift Left


1. Single Sign-On (SSO)/ Authentication

Single Sign-On (SSO) optimizes access and security. Tools4ever’s Access Management within the HelloID portal connects seamlessly with TOPdesk’s Self-Service Portal. Following a single TOPdesk authentication, end users access their dashboard of authorized cloud applications. HelloID ensures access to TOPdesk, enforces multifactor authentication (if required), and offers end users Single Sign-On to all cloud applications regardless of their individual protocols.


2. Identity Management and Change Management

The integration between HelloID and TOPdesk goes beyond IDP and Single Sign On (SSO). Today, many organizations still have many manual processes in place. This is labor-intensive, error-prone and introduces safety risks (GDPR). By automating the interface to TOPdesk, many manual actions will become superfluous.

An Identity Management System automates all employee intake, throughflow and outflow processes. For every change, HelloID can automatically create and close the relevant tickets in TOPdesk. This creates a central registration point in TOPdesk which always provides an up-to-date registration of changes concerning an employee. When did the employee receive an account, for which systems, who approved additional user rights, which helpdesk employee performed a password reset, etc.

We can even go a step further by connecting the (extensive) change management capabilities of the Identity Management System to the TOPdesk functionality. This makes it possible to also automate the issuance of other company resources. HelloID provides a role-based model in which a change in the role or function of an employee can automatically trigger a change request in TOPdesk. For example, when someone starts a new position as HR Advisor, a request for an iPad is automatically submitted to the Service Desk, based on the role model in HelloID.


3. Service Automation and Shift Left

Thanks to this further integration of HelloID and TOPdesk, employees and managers can increasingly organize their IT applications and other resources themselves. For example, employees can request access to applications or resources with a simple mouse click in the HelloID self-service catalog. This request is then automatically presented to the right manager for approval. Once the request is approved, access to the application or resource is automatically enabled.

This means that helpdesk employees are no longer needed to handle a request. This is the ultimate form of Shift Left. Employees receive considerably faster access to requested applications while managers gain a better understanding of who has access to which resources, as well as better insights regarding their own department’s information and communication technology (ICT) costs. It will also make the IT department look much more professional.

Seamless integration between TOPdesk Self Service and HelloID product catalog / Password reset by manager integrated in TOPdesk portal

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