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Connect is the field service management solution that supports your entire service process. Sigmax Field Service Solutions knows what it takes to set up a successful, integrated and safe software solution.

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TOPdesk connector from Sigmax Field Service Solutions
Our customers use the service management software from TOPdesk for incident registration. This ensures that the incident of the caller is registered completely to successfully solve the problem. To resolve the incident registered in TOPdesk, your operator can use the field service solution from Sigmax.

To realise real-time synchronization between TOPdesk and Connect, the Sigmax TOPdesk Connector can be used.  The TOPdesk Connector automatically creates a visit for the operator, once all your conditions are met. This visit contains all relevant data and attachments that is recorded in TOPdesk. This ensures that the operator always has all the relevant information to solve the problem at hand. If an incident cannot be resolved within one visit, all relevant information of the follow-up visits will automatically be added to the TOPdesk incident by Connect. With the help of the Connector, the operator has all relevant history for each follow-up visit within reach.

During the on-site incident execution all relevant information, such as mileage and time registration, used materials and returned goods, can be recorded. Throughout the process, status updates and result data are synchronised between the Connect Field Service app and the TOPdesk system. In this way, both your back office employee and the person who called are constantly up to date. This increases the customer satisfaction and reduces the administrative burden for your employees.

The benefits of the TOPdesk Connector:

  • The best of both worlds: TOPdesk for incident registration and Sigmax Connect for resolving them;
  • A visit is automatically created in Connect based on your organisation’s criteria
  • Clear and efficient way of registering and resolving incidents;
  • Always the right information at hand due to automatically completed data and history;
  • All stakeholders stay up to date throughout the process, since the incident is constantly updated during execution;
  • Automatic synchronization of used materials, contacts, time spent and mileage;
  • Post processing and manual updates of incidents are no longer necessary.