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An Early Warning System for IT-management. Detect problems through data from your IT systems and TOPdesk, improve your IT support and prevent problems before they occur.

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TOPdesk version TOPdesk Professional / Enterprise November 2018 and up
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Before IT support can start to remediate a problem, they depend on your users to report their troubles. Service Mesh provides all the tools required for your IT support to become proactive. With Service Mesh IT support can work on problems before they get reported or even before your end users are aware of having a problem.

Service Mesh uses data from IT infrastructure sources and TOPdesk to provide an analytical view on IT Services. Service Mesh enables:

  • proactive IT support to provide better services through optimisation of processes;
  • forecasting possibilities;
  • and automatic remediation of incidents.


  • Reduce employee productivity loss due to IT related problems up to 60%.
  • Be more pro-active to problems.
  • Detect issues earlier in time and reduce impact.
  • Shorten the lead time of incidents.
  • Increase user satisfaction.

How does it work?

Service Mesh collects data from common IT infrastructure sources like syslogs and eventlogs for example from Microsoft SCCM, Intune, Nexthink solutions. This collected data is combined with data from TOPdesk to generate a unique perspective on IT problem resolution.

Using large datasets, Service Mesh leverages machine learning to translate this into unique models generated by AI tailored to your environment.

Through relational analysis incident types are grouped in clusters and visually presented with possible related issues in a dashboard. Clusters are logical groupings of issues that have similar root causes, making it easy to detect and respond to them. Service Mesh generates clusters specifically tailored to your IT environment.

To use the insights from Service Mesh, IT support has multiple dashboards at its disposal.

Overview dashboard

The overview dashboard shows the expected number of incidents that will get reported to support in a graph. Under the graph you can see which clusters are active and give an indication that users are experiencing problems. An indication of over 50% is a strong signal that there is something wrong and users are experiencing problems. By opening the details of a cluster (for example the Outlook client cluster) you can see what is happening

Service Mesh Overview screenshot
This screenshot shows an example forecast available in the overview dashboard.



Details dashboard
This screenshot shows details regarding the relevance of a cluster.





























Details dashboard

The goal of the details dashboard is to help determine if and who are experiencing problems. The ‘Highest features’ indicate why the Service Model thinks users are experiencing problems with their Outlook client. In this case the memory usage is incredible high and the duration of connections to Exchange are significant higher. However, the Service Mesh also indicates why it does not think there is a problem with the Outlook client. Under ‘Lowest features’ it indicates that the VPN client Checkpoint is also experiencing problems. It is also possible to filter this dashboard to show information for single users.

Armed with this information, a list of effected users and the current reported problems in TOPdesk IT support can start to investigate and remediate the problems users are experiencing.

Interested in what Service Mesh can do for you?

Let us run a quickscan to assess the impact Service Mesh can make, based on your available data. Unsure if Service Mesh might fit your infrastructure? Contact us!


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