SelfGuide – Ready for a digital future

Solution created by The Backbone

SelfGuide is a software instruction tool for making your business ready for a digital future.

Price Paid
TOPdesk version Latest version, with TOPdesk KB API
Hosting availability SaaS
Consultancy Required
Available languages Dutch and English
Region availability The Netherlands (on-site and remote)


Applications play a vital role in business processes. Therefore, effective application usage is of the upmost importance. Employees are required to be proficient in working with an increasing amount of applications. Without policies and support on application usage, business processes are inefficient and a threat to business agility and flexibility. SelfGuide is a digital performance platform for making your business ready for a digital future.

These are the biggest advantages of using SelfGuide:

A single method for successful update adoption
Applications are continuously and frequently updated. All application updates are communicated differently per supplier. This results in employees being confronted with a myriad of patch notes, emails, documentation pages, and manuals. With SelfGuide all updates are communicated uniformly within a single platform.

Easily create, update and import content
Creating and keeping user guides up to date can be very time intensive. With SelfGuide you can easily create your own user guides in no time. Or even better: import existing content (such as our pre-made Office 365 user guides) into your own tenant to fill your library with relevant user guides in a single click.

Self-reliant employees
Employees waste quite a lot of time due to the absence of necessary information and a lack of digital skills. SelfGuide is the solution to achieving employee self-reliance with access to all instructions, user-guides and courses for all applications. All in one single platform, accessible from anywhere and available 24/7.

Policies on application usage
Make application usage policies with SelfGuide. Document the desired usage of applications in the form of instructions, user-guides and courses, to ensure employees work uniformly, productively, and effectively.

Optimise onboarding
Employees change jobs quicker than ever before. Onboarding a new employee to work at their maximum productivity can take up to 8 months, making this a costly process. Make new employees ready in no time with proper guidance and documentation with the SelfGuide.

Knowledge sharing and preservation

Organisations increasingly invest in knowledge sharing and preservation. SelfGuide makes it possible to store and share knowledge to empower employees to work together and retain knowledge despite employee turnover.

Integrate with knowledge management in TOPdesk

Organizations use TOPdesk for several purposes: as a central platform for employees, to improve the customer experience, and as a means of knowledge management. SelfGuide integrates with the TOPdesk Knowledge Base, which has the following advantages.

  • Creating consistent instructions in SelfGuide requires low effort. This makes following instructions easier for employees. TOPdesk knowledge base editors gain a way to quickly create valuable content.
  • Knowledge Centered Services (KCS) require operators to quickly create and update knowledge items. SelfGuide integrates this workflow without editors having to worry about formatting, language, etc.
  • Having multiple platform makes it harder for employees to know where they should look for information. By integrating with TOPdesk, organisations can keep TOPdesk as their main platform, but use the functionality of SelfGuide to create and share content.

The Backbone and SelfGuide

SelfGuide is developed in close cooperation with The Backbone and ExplainiT. SelfGuide, The Backbone and ExplainiT are all part of INVINITIV. SelfGuide is a spin-off of the University of Twente and develops intelligent products that strive to improve the digital performance of people, teams and organisations. The Backbone and ExplainiT are responsible for the sales and account-management of SelfGuide. For more information visit our website.