SelfGuide – Create Knowledge Items

Solution created by The Backbone

Use SelfGuide to create, actualize and optimize TOPdesk knowledge items effortlessly.

Price Paid
TOPdesk version Latest version, with TOPdesk KB API
Hosting availability SaaS
Consultancy Required
Available languages Dutch and English
Region availability The Netherlands (on-site and remote)


Creating, actualizing and optimizing TOPdesk knowledge items is time-consuming. As a result, organizations often fail to unlock the full potential of TOPdesk. When knowledge management in TOPdesk has been implemented successfully, an organization solves calls more efficiently, accelerates onboarding, improves self-service support and increases customer customer satisfaction. With SelfGuide, you are able to actualize and optimize digital work instructions effortlessly. When integrated with TOPdesk, digital work instructions can be used to create knowledge items automatically.

How does SelfGuide for TOPdesk Knowledge Management work?

1 – Create digitale work instructions
Use the intuitive recorder, editor and search and filter to rapidly record, enrich and characterize digital work instructions.

2 – Synchronize with TOPdesk
Use the TOPdesk integration to automatically create new knowledge items by synchronizing digital work instructions.

3 – Find knowledge items
Use the new knowledge items in the knowledge base and self-service portal of TOPdesk to support users.

4 – Utilize knowledge items
Use the digital viewer to view digital work instructions step by step at your own pace.

Advantages of SelfGuide for TOPdesk Knowledge Management

  • Using digital work instructions as knowledge items
  • Creating new knowledge items rapidly
  • Actualizing knowledge items easily
  • Facilitating user feedback professionally
  • Solving calls more efficiently
  • Stimulating mutual knowledge sharing

Ready to implement knowledge management successfully?

Create Knowledge Items is part of SelfGuide. Find out more about SelfGuide on our website.
In additions, feel free to contact us for more information or a live demo about SelfGuide for TOPdesk Knowledge Management.