Event Management for TOPdesk

By Martello

Connect TOPdesk with monitoring tools  and improve up-time. Integrations include SCOM, PRTG, Nagios, Solarwinds, Azure, AWS.

Price Paid
TOPdesk version TOPdesk 5 and up
Hosting availability SaaS, Continuous deployment, On-premises
Consultancy Required


Martello integrates TOPdesk with SCOM, PRTG, Nagios, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to optimize your IT service delivery, prevent problems, and reduce service downtime. We reduce alert noise and forward only critical end-user impacting issues into TOPdesk as an incident making your users more proactive. Connect TOPdesk with monitoring tools for just €3,000 per year and improve up-time.

Martello shows the real-time status of business services and allows both IT operations and IT service management to see end-user issues before they call the service desk. By acknowledging and creating an incident proactively, it can drastically reduce the number of end-user calls to the service desk and up to 50% of the problem resolution time. Root-cause analysis can be started immediately, and correlated issues can be highlighted whether they are end-user, application, or infrastructure-related. This proactive use of monitoring information helps organisations mature their IT operations by aligning it with their existing TOPdesk investment.

Features include:

Unified Event Management
Integrate any monitoring tool or Public cloud alerts to incidents in TOPdesk. Popular integrations include SCOM, PRTG, Solarwinds, Nagios, VMware, AWS, Azure.

Reduce Alert Noise
Martello is able to reduce the Alert noise coming from SCOM or other tools, so that only high-impact alerts that require a ticket are created automatically in TOPdesk, reducing your number of incidents and down time for users, by allowing proactive process to take place.

Incident Automation
From within the tickets raise, there is an immediate direct connection back to the live monitored data automatically set up for Martello. This will give the ticket owner a full 360-degree view of the service to ensure they are aware of the impact of that ticket and can priorities this correctly.

IT Troubleshooting
Martello provides SLA monitoring and relevant dashboards for IT Management, Helpdesk, and Application Owners, through a HTML5 web interface which can be mounted in any portal and device.

Functional Specifications:

  • All assets and services including all their properties, are retrieved.
  • TOPdesk is the only ITSM system, we support, that can give us health states. When a Call is created and related to an Asset the asset is marked as impacted and we will show that as critical. All assets that are operational are shown as healthy.
  • All relationships between the assets and between the services and related assets are loaded.
  • All Calls are loaded from TOPdesk and shown as Incidents in the application.
  • Calls can be created manually or automatically by the incident automation feature.
  • Alerts from other systems can be linked to Calls and the Call state can be automatically updated when all alerts are resolved.