WhatsApp Integration

By SaySimple

Implement Whatsapp as a businesslike communication channel with this Whatsapp integration.

Price Paid
TOPdesk version TOPdesk november 2017 and up
Hosting availability Continuous deployment, On-premises
Consultancy Required



SaySimple supports organizations in implementing Whatsapp as a businesslike communication channel with their Whatsapp integration. By setting high standards, SaySimple can deliver a complete reliable Whatsapp solution. Combine the strength of Whatsapp with the software of TOPdesk.

Using Whatsapp as an opportunity to reach your servicedesk is an approachable way of contact. This also reduces the amount of incoming e-mails and calls and delivers high satisfaction levels. Work more efficient and improve the positive user experience.

Benefits of the Whatsapp integration

  • Reduce load on your servicedesk, less mails and calls
  • 20% faster than using telephone
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Match the needs of your target audience
  • More fun and more informal communication
  • Seamless integration with TOPdesk
  • Support multimedia


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