RPA & IT Automation with AutomationEdge

Solution created by AutomationEdge

AutomationEdge is a robust robotic process automation (RPA) and IT automation platform that powers businesses worldwide. With advanced intelligent automation capabilities, it enables seamless integration of IT and business processes, optimizing operations and reducing costs. Its agile and scalable framework provides an end-to-end solution for complex workflow automation, ensuring compliance and enhancing both customer and employee experiences. It’s the perfect choice for companies seeking swift and effective digital transformation.

Price Free
Hosting availability SaaS, Continuous deployment, On-premises on Virtual Appliance, Classic on-premises
Consultancy Optional
Available languages English, Portugues, Spanish
Region availability WorldWide


Enhance your TOPdesk experience with seamless AutomationEdge integration for unparalleled automation capabilities.

Benefits of Integration
– Achieve increased efficiency and reduced manual workload.
– IT, HR, and Customer Service departments reap significant benefits.
– End-users, technicians, and administrators will enjoy streamlined operations.

Explanation of Integration
Our integration links TOPdesk with AutomationEdge, triggering workflows based on service requests or alerts. Data such as ticket details and user information is synced, ensuring real-time updates across systems. Synchronization includes status updates, priority fields, and user details.

Required TOPdesk Version: all versions with API