– Integrate your communication in Microsoft Teams (with TOPdesk CRM integration)

Solution created by centralizes all communication touchpoints regardless of how the contact was initiated: webchat, WhatsApp, or any of the supported social channels within Microsoft Teams.

Price Paid
Hosting availability SaaS
Consultancy Required
Additional requirements Compatible infrastructure
Available languages All languages available in Microsoft Teams
Region availability In the Netherlands via Ask Roger and worldwide (remote) via sales partners from Ask Roger. Support during Dutch office hours (CET).

Description makes Microsoft Teams the central communication hub in your organization through seamless integration with Microsoft Teams calling or social communication channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, SMS (text messaging), Webchat, QnA chatbot, and more! 

This way, all communication, both internal and external, are centralized in one familiar interface. All communication history, market automated data, and rerouting information are represented during and after the conversation, whether the customer calls of texts, to give your agents context and to avoid losing vital customer information. This information is all supported by the TOPdesk integration, showing all available customer information in your TOPdesk system. A caller card (Toastar) pops-up when a customer call, so you can directly open the customer ID. This works the same with a message from WhatsApp, webchat or social media.  

With the addition of the Contact Center functionalities, you have a full power Contact Center with all information you need to excel in Customer Service. With the supervisor Teams app, supervisors can help train and motivate call center representatives as they answer questions, handle complaints, and provide excellent client support. The supervisor Teams app includes the possibility to monitor the live queue and call center statistics. When necessary, supervisors can join the call or use the whisper functionality to help the agents discretely.

Seamless Microsoft Teams integration avoids the need to install and maintain additional software while providing the opportunity for increased collaboration, including voice and video conferencing. Integration with Microsoft Office 365 user & security management dramatically reduces administration, and your users can get up to speed quickly because all communications are handled within the familiar Microsoft Teams client. 

All information about handled and open conversation is to find in the wallboard, where you find an overview of the conversations. You can see how long it took to handle the first question, the whole conversation and have insights in how many conversations are handled by specific agents.  

Watch the 1 minute video to see how it works: with TOPdesk 

  1. All communication from channels (WhatsApp, webchat, text, Facebook and Twitter) comes in at one place -> Microsoft Teams.
    This way, help desk employees no longer have to switch between different systems: they receive all their messages in Microsoft Teams and answer them in the same way. 
  2. Help desk employees get a pop-up in Microsoft Teams when someone calls them. This pop-up allows employees to easily look into the customer’s information in TOPdesk and have direct insight in any open incidents. 
  3. The platform also offers the convenient ability to add a smart FAQ chatbot and CRM integration. 


  • Software as a Service 
  • Microsoft Teams support 
  • Toast (pop-up with TOPdesk data) in Microsoft Teams channel 
  • Webchat within TOPdesk portal
  • Frequently Asked Question Bot technology 
  • Webchatinterface for internal / external website 
  • WhatsApp* communication 
  • Twitter 
  • Facebook 
  • Webchat 
  • SMS* 
  • Integration with Microsoft Power BI  

*Required additional subscription with telecom. Want to know if your infrastructure is compatible? TOPdesk offers a free Ask Roger checklist.
Please note: there are additional costs if you need to change your infrastructure. Invoicing for infrastructural changes will be via our partner Ask Roger.

With the you can add native chat to the TOPdesk Self Service Portal. Easily help your callers with open or new incidents. The chat conversations are routed to Microsoft Teams and information from TOPdesk is displayed instantly.


More info? TOPdesk or CRM-Calling-Integration