Qlik Performance Dashboards

By Victa B.V.

Additional dashboards with TOPdesk data, based on QlikView or QlikSense.

Price Paid
TOPdesk version TOPdesk SaaS including Odata feed
Hosting availability SaaS, Classic on-premises
Consultancy Required
Available languages Dutch, English and German
Region availability Worldwide (remote), support during Dutch office hours (CET)


Victa has developed dynamic and interactive management dashboards for TOPdesk for Qlik, available in QlikView and QlikSense. The QlikView application comprises a number of tabs, with each tab focusing on elements that are relevant to your organization. Some examples include: Durations per incident type, number of incidents per status and Incident number trends. All information is displayed in funnel charts, gauges and pie charts, with list views available for prints and reports. The monitor lets users click through to the finest detail level (searching for an incident). The QlikView application also lets users print all information categories as reports, both for emails (pdf) and physical printouts. This makes it easier than ever to share information with your colleagues.

Powered by Qlik

The TOPdesk dashboards have been developed on the powerful Business Intelligence (BI) platform of QlikView and Qlik Sense. QlikView and Qlik Sense have a unique, patented memory-based associative technology that enables users to analyze information quickly, dynamically and interactively. The TOPdesk Incidents monitor can be rolled out within a few hours. The result is a powerful BI solution that can be implemented quickly throughout your organization, resulting in a fast time to value and a high ROI. Qlik for TOPdesk is easy to integrate with other data sources. With the powerful QIX engine, quick links can be made with databases or data files (XLS, XML, CSV, HTML, etc.). All possible data exports can also be facilitated by the monitor. For example, a frequently used export is to Excel.

All information is displayed in powerful graphical displays such as funnel charts, gauges and pie charts. There are also list views suitable for prints and reports. In the monitor, you can descend to the lowest level of detail (look for an incident). In short, all data is easily and quickly available. In the Qlik application, it is possible to print out each of the various information components in report form. This can be done for email (PDF) and physical print so that you can share this information with your colleagues at all times.

Within the QlikView or Qlik Sense application, a number of tabs have been created containing the parts that you would like to have highlighted in your company. In each of these tabs different parts will become visible, called a few:

Qlik for TOPdesk Resources Management

  • Overview of your total configuration:
    – Per Location / location / department etc .;
  • Overview of your total configuration:
    – Overviews per cost center.
    – Space information, overview specific characteristics, floor, wall, glass etc.
  • Financial overview of the configuration:
    – Purchase values;
    – Current values;
    – Depreciation.
  • Charging configuration, with input options.

Qlik for TOPdesk Notification Manager

  • Processing times for incidents per type (complaint, malfunction, etc.);
  • Number of incidents per status (ready, open, etc.);
  • Trend of incidents (possibly also historical per status).

Qlik for TOPdesk Change Management

  • Simple / complex changes;
  • Processing times for the different steps in the change process

Performance dashboard

Victa has developed a fully dynamic and interactive management dashboard for trend analyzes especially for TOPdesk’s Service Management software: the Performance dashboard. This dashboard provides an overview of everything that your organization registers in TOPdesk. The performance dashboard is an intuitive Business Intelligence solution designed for analysis and reporting purposes for TOPdesk applications. The dashboard is equipped with all imaginable KPIs concerning IT processes. The performance dashboard is available as a fixed license (on-premise) and as a SaaS (cloud) solution. The big advantage of this dashboard is that it shows a trend analysis, so you always have insight into the long-term results of your company.

All KPIs in one view!

The performance dashboard is based on a set of KPIs, which has been proven by different TOPdesk customers in the past few years. Each individual KPI can be consulted from a central dashboard and further analyzed from there. The performance dashboard currently has KPIs available for the following TOPdesk service management dashboard.

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