TOPdesk Self Service Automator

Solution created by IT-Value

We will gladly help you to optimize your IT-service management process with the power of Automation.

Price Paid
Hosting availability SaaS
Consultancy Optional
Additional requirements Ivanti Automation or Powershell 5, Tool4ever
Available languages English
Region availability Worldwide, Remote and on location


IT-Value has developed a new integration between Ivanti Automation and TOPdesk. This user-friendly, very complete and efficient link makes it very easy to automate your helpdesk tickets and management activities. This link is bidirectional. This means that it works from Ivanti Automation to TOPdesk and back. Ticket applications that are requested in TOPdesk will be followed up quickly, standardized and registered with Ivanti Automation. The request will be automatically presented to the right manager for approval. When the request is approved the access or resource will automatically be enabled.   
The advantages are that helpdesk tickets can be picked up more quickly and the backoffice has more time available for other projects and activities. We call this the shift left principle.

Benefits of TOPdesk and Ivanti Automation integration

  • Relieve your service desk employees by automating common tickets
    • granting rights
    • requesting applications
    • resetting passwords
    • etc.
  • Increase your employee satisfaction by;
    • reducing waiting times
    • 24/7 availability
    • Professionalization ans self service
  • Increase data security by managing and automating authorizations.
  • Be 100% audit trail in TOPdesk
  • Fill in TOPdesk automatically with data from other sources from an automated process
  • Reduce the chance of human error because tickets are standardized, automated and recorded.
  • Easy access to TOPdesk Data with PowerShell
  • Initiate Automation tasks from TOPdesk

PowerShell Module

Within PowerShell you can easily import our module . After providing the API credentials you can go and fetch almost anything from TOPdesk you like. From tickets to people or even permission groups. We have a list of 80+ functions to ‘get’ and ‘set’ data. Uploading and downloading attachments are now made easy with functions like New-TOPdeskAttachment and
Get-TOPdeskAttachment. With Ivanti Automation we can make TOPdesk the initiator of scripts, this will provide an easy workflow to automate your tickets.


The code below will do the same thing as the schreenshot above. First it will fetch the change and parse all the form values for easy access. It ends by changing the state of the ticket to implemented and will reply to the user so the user knows the request is finished.

Import-Module TOPdesk

Connect-TOPdeskService -Url -Credential Get-Credential

# get the TOPdesk Request For Change
$RequestForChange = Get-TOPdeskOperatorChange -Number 'W1811 027'

# get the values from the form
$FormValues = $RequestForChange | Get-TOPdeskOperatorChangeRequests | Get-TOPdeskFormValue

# whatever you want to do can go here

$Update = @(
        'op'    = 'add'
        'path'  = '/progressTrail'
        'value' = "Dear $($, Thank you for your patience. Ivanti Automation has granted you access to mailbox '$($Form.Mailbox)'."
        "op"    = 'replace'
        "path"  = '/status'
        "value" = 'Implemented'

$RequestForChange | Set-TOPdeskOperatorChange -Content $Update

Full documentation

Our PowerShell module is supplied with full documentation supplied as webpage (HTML5). This way it’s easy to navigate and requires just a browser.

Experience the first benefits within a week

With our starter pack “TOPdesk Automation” we offer you the opportunity to  experience the benefits of the TOPdesk – Ivanti Automation integration quickly and with attractive conditions. Regarding the purchase of license, only a number of Ivanti automation licenses are required
For the installation and configuration, their are hardly any resources needed from your organization.

The implementation of our Starter Pack TOPdesk – Ivanti Automation will take approximately 5 days.

If you want to know more about our solutions, please contact us. We will be happy to show you the possibilities.