Power BI Aging Report by Pink Elephant

By Pink Elephant Business Intelligence BV

Workload overview including Incident- and Change aging

Price Paid
Hosting availability SaaS, Continuous deployment
Consultancy Optional
Additional requirements Microsoft Power BI is required


Analyse your TOPdesk ITSM data with the PowerBI applications for TOPdesk developed by Pink Elephant Business Intelligence in cooperation with TOPdesk. The PowerBI application for TOPdesk starts where standard TOPdesk reporting stops. Several ITSM processes such as Incident- and Change Management are fully open for in depth analyses on strategical-, tactical- and operational level.

Everything is displayed in easy to read reports that can easily be shared with your internal and external stakeholders. One of these applications is the Incident- and Change Management Aging Report.


The benefits of the PowerBI application for TOPdesk are:

  • Provides dynamic and interactive data analysis where standard TOPdesk reporting functionality stops
  • Strong visual and in dept insight in the ITSM processes covered with your TOPdesk environment
  • Combines cross module TOPdesk data
  • The possibility to combine TOPdesk data with other data sources for further insights
  • Alerts on events and thresholds
  • Easy to share insights


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