The Backbone

About us

The Backbone, “optimization of the digital workplace”, is an IT company with a focus on IT and End-User Monitoring and the adoption of applications using SelfGuide. Together with PolderValley, ExplainiT and IT2IT the organization is part of the group INVINITIV. All these companies are active within the domain “Digital Performance”

The Backbone distinguishes itself through the application of self-developed software (monitoring and adoption) products and the professional implementation of projects. Our down-to-earth Dutch approach, goal-oriented and always focused on adding value for our customers.

We are proud of the collaboration with our large and appealing customers in the Netherlands. Our references include healthcare, government and education organizations, belonging to the top 1000 organizations in the Netherlands. The TOPdesk Connector, one of The Backbone’s products, is also used internationally by organizations. Partnering with TOPdesk has been taking place since 2016 and this collaboration has become increasingly professional in recent years.


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