SMT – Simple Management Technologies

About us

SMT supports organizations in their digital transformation with autonomous advice about the application and strategic use of data. We visualize valuable information from different data sources in real-time, so you have a solid foundation to support your strategic business decisions. Our technical specialists love to submerge themselves into complex matters. We think out-of-the-box and always in co-creation with your own specialists.

SMT manages the transformation and translation of data into information that is valuable to our clients. Always in an innovative and sophisticated way with up-to-date knowledge. That’s how we enable our customers to make data-driven decisions.

Data is the core of your business. It supports answering crucial questions, such as increasing your customer satisfaction and to improve processes. Hence, it is vital to transform your data into information you can actually work with. SMT makes big data intelligible and ensures that decisions are made based on facts.

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