About us

Look around you, the world is changing and breaking with old habits. The world is digitizing. In that world, companies can no longer exist without software and neither can people. After the introduction of the personal computer and the smartphone, we stand at the brink of the next step of the digital evolution: being connected anywhere and anytime, through any device. This will not happen all by itself. The new reality is created by the best software, but it is the people who make the difference. We offer professionals the best technology irrespective of location or platform. ‘Empowering professionals everywhere’ expresses our commitment to this. It ensures we prepare organisations for the changing world.

Our organisation at a glance
Sigmax consists of 5 business units each with their own area of expertise.

  • Law Enforcement; software for city councils
  • Public Transport; software for public transport
  • Field Service Solutions; software for field service organisations
  • SequriX; software for security firms

Address: Capitool 13, 7521 PL Enschede – The Nederlands
Phone: +31(0)53 480 3100

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