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About us

Scope4mation is one of the lead partners for integrations with TOPdesk.
Scope4mation developed Qixium. We connect and service everything via our Qixium platform. With Qixium you can enable the desired TOPdesk scenario and start working with it straight away!

Below you can find all our solutions: 

  • AFAS – Hour Invoicing (Timespent)
  • AFAS – Persons & Companies synchronisation
  • GEMMA SWC – Asset synchronisation
  • HUBspot – Incident integration
  • JML/IDU Process module
  • N-Central – TOPdesk Integration
  • Outlook Room Booker
  • SCCM – Asset synchronisation
  • SCOM – TOPdesk incident integration

All our Qixium platform & scenarios:

Is your scenario not mentioned, we’re happy to discuss your scenario and what Qixium can do for you? Qixium is based on building blocks, we can easily add your scenario and extend it in your Qixium environment. In this way we keep it simple for us, you and your process!

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