About us

WerkbonApp became more than just an app. We paid particular attention to our extensive online office application with advanced planning module and to object management. This has caused us to make a name change in 2019: OutSmart. “To outsmart” literally means “to outsmart”. It gives us energy to help companies outwit their competitors. Our basis, of course, remains to manage the field service in a smart way (out). We also wanted an international name that also helps us to grow beyond national borders.

Anno 2019 …
OutSmart is currently used daily by more than 3,500 companies, there are more than 50 dealers, the turnover doubles every year and we have branches in the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal and Germany. It is the result of years of continuous development, testing and technical innovation. This has also been noticed at Apple, which has led to a collaboration in 2019. Since then, Apple has been helping us develop the app, UX design and finding strategic partners. We are very proud of and grateful for what we have achieved and are driven to take the company to the next level.

Let’s OutSmart your competitors together with our software!

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