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Liquidware is the leader in Digital Workspace Management solutions for Windows workplaces. The company’s products encompass all facets of management to ensure the ultimate user experience across all workspaces – physical, virtual, DaaS or in the cloud. Organizations across the globe utilize Liquidware solutions to dramatically decrease time spent managing workplaces, while delivering increased security, flexibility, and scalability. Supported platforms include Microsoft physical, Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), and RDS desktops, Citrix, VMware, Amazon WorkSpaces, and Nutanix Xi Frame. For more information, visit

Liquidware Solutions
Liquidware Digital Workspace Management products include:

  • Stratusphere™ UX for Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM). Stratusphere UX is a comprehensive digital experience monitoring and diagnostics for organizations that support physical, virtual and mixed-platform workspace environments. Unlike physical desktops, virtual workspace workloads are supported by a shared infrastructure comprised of hosts, storage, networking and a spectrum of applications and services. Stratusphere UX provides the necessary end-to-end inspection to provide on-going and proactive visibility into the performance and the end-user experience. Additionally, Stratusphere UX offers the ability to flow its metrics and information into other operational and systems tools through an API, allowing the most critical information to be delivered in relevant formats, such as TOPdesk, to critical IT decision makers.
  • ProfileUnity for User Environment Management (UEM). ProfileUnity user environment management unifies user profiles, policies, and data to speed Windows logons, streamline management, and end migrations. The solution decouples the user profile from the OS making existing user profiles universally portable and compatible with any Windows desktop or server OS. ProfileUnity enables fast logins with centrazlied policy management, location & context-aware settings, no agent software to install on end-points and no expensive back-end servers or databases are required.
  • FlexApp for Application Layering. FlexApp is an advanced application layering solution that enables admins to assign applications to a VHD or VMDK drive and mount them to users’ desktops on demand. FlexApp applications do not experience isolation, and therefore “look” native to the Windows OS and to other dependent applications. Even complex applications with multiple dependencies can be delivered successfully enabling FlexApp to support application layering across a wide spectrum of use cases. FlexApp allows organizations to reduce the complexity of desktop image sprawl and support better management and security of applications. The new FlexApp One feature enables seamless Microsoft Endpoint Manager deployment and distribution by any file transfer method for flexible online and offline use.

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