About us

IT-Value BV is an IT service provider founded in 2009. Our mission is short but sweet: helping you to use IT as effectively as possible. With our knowledge and expertise, we bridge the gap between supply and demand, which regularly arises in organizations in the field of IT. We do this by inspiring, advising and guiding our customers.

At IT-Value you will find expertise in the following areas:

  • Consulting and strategy
  • Project management
  • Architecture
  • Business consultancy
  • Service and support

Our team is varied, so we have all the knowledge in house to successfully complete any assignment. Quality is very important to us. And we achieve this by performing our work with great pleasure and passion!

IT-Value can help your organization throughout the process of drafting the project scope to the implementation and delivery. Does your organization have sufficient knowledge and resources, but do you want to switch to certain areas with a specialist with the right practical knowledge and experience? We offer excellent services for your organization.

  • Our employees have proven long-term experience in successfully managing technical ICT infrastructure projects at the level of project and program management using the Prince2 project methodology. We have knowledge and experience of ITILv3 and have experience in the field of IT Governance and IT Risk Management based on the COBIT framework.
  • We have a clear vision on (ICT) processes and changing ICT facilities and we are real bridge builders.
  • We have knowledge and understanding of the structure of the various disciplines, the (strategic) policy frameworks and instruments of the organization, as well as using relevant applications and fully automated packages.
  • We are ambitious and experienced in the implementation of major organizational changes. We also have extensive management experience and a proactive and result-oriented attitude, which is always in collaboration with the customer.
  • By our entrepreneurial way of doing business we identify issues (which can be better and different) on time. We communicate across the organization about the consequences of developments.
  • We are truly independent, and we will give you a fair opinion on technology. We are in no way affiliated to hardware and / or software vendors.
  • We have no ambition to stay, we ensure that your IT organization is lifted to a higher level and that set goals are achieved. We hand over and secure the changes so you can continue the same solid basis.

IT-Value can support you from vision and strategy to the implementation and maintenance of IT projects with concrete results. IT projects often fail because the expectations do not meet what is promised or delivered.  IT-Value ensures this in an independent way, and that’s why IT-Value is unique compared to others.

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