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The #1 user-friendly, cloud-based platform for Room Booking, Desk Booking, & Visitor Registration and Digital Signage solutions.

The GoBright platform

GoBright is specialised in Smart Software solutions that support Hybrid Working and other modern ways of working. Our software not only makes it possible to find and book workplaces, but also brings transparency and profound insights, and data analytics. With which future workplace strategies can be determined. Employees are responsible for their own working day. Do they come to the office or not, do they want to work with a colleague, what type of workplace do they need, do they also need a locker etc. With GoBright employees turn the flexible office into their personal workplace.

The GoBright platform offers Smart Workplace solutions for room, desk and visitor management, and digital signage, that fit together perfectly and are easy to use. Find an available room, workstation, locker, or parking place via the portal, app, mapping, MS Outlook or MS Teams. Book it in seconds and be assured of a workplace that fits your needs; and find your way through the building with Wayfinding and Mapping. Invite and pre-register your visitors instantly, while booking a meeting room. And to make it extra interesting, you can book your Catering & extra Services at the same time. Every action is automatically visible on all parts of the smart platform.

As a result, all information is up to date and accurate. The smart (IoT) sensors, which work on movement and body temperature, make our software even more intelligent. The sensors measure the occupancy of meeting rooms and desks in real time. The GoBright platform can integrate with various systems. For example Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, Outlook, Teams and various FMIS systems.

The wishes and possibilities of people, processes, systems and technology connect even better. This makes it interesting for the Facility Manager and IT Manager to work with our Smart Office solutions. Thanks to our platform you get great insights into the use of office spaces, occupancy rates and the flow of people in the building.

ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified

We set extremely high standards when it comes to user-friendliness, quality, innovation, connectivity with other systems and data security. This is proven by the fact that GoBright is ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified. Our own developers determine how the platform expands and innovates even further. This allows us to respond quickly to trends and developments in the market. Trends that are quickly forseen by our sales and marketing colleagues.

It is GoBright’s goal to…..

1. Help employees work smarter, faster and more efficiently

So they are more relaxed and have more pleasure at the office. If they spend less time on unnecessary and time-consuming things, then there is more time and energy left for valuable work. In addition, life at the office becomes more pleasant when uncertainties (such as desk / room availability) are removed and information is visible and accessible to everyone.

2. Use the building and the workplaces in a smarter way

Innovative techniques will help you discover opportunities to maximise space efficiency. If smart software is applied properly, you can avoid double bookings, no-shows and empty meeting rooms, for example. Check whether the rooms are used in the way they are intended for. What are the hot spots in your office? Calculate the number of desks you actually need and save space and money.

3. Create a more sustainable work environment

Sustainable for people, the environment and the organisation. Using our Workplace Management solutions stimulates engagement, productivity and overall employee wellbeing. But it also ensures that the office can be used in a sustainable way. Be resourceful with the spaces and facilities that are available and save time, space and money on elements that are not being used.

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