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Go2the.cloud is driven by Cloud technology and global change. With modern and affordable technology, we help companies with Digital Transformation and innovation. We have partnered with companies such as Microsoft, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google and leverage their technologies for our customers to transform and use cloud-based IT solutions. Our customers therefore benefit from cost savings, more flexibility and a more predictable, sustainable and effective business model, without any big upfront investments.

Together with TOPdesk and IPsoft we have developed Amelia, the affordable Digital Service Desk Employee integrated with TOPdesk’s ITSM software. This solution is offered as a service (SaaS) and based on IPsoft’s Amelia, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution that interacts with humans via Conversational AI, automates and takes over routine work by quickly handling customer questions and requests. Amelia is currently ‘the most human artificial intelligence available’ and offered as an integration with TOPdesk’s ITSM software.

Amelia is currently taken into production by a select group of international TOPdesk customers from different sectors. This solution will be widely available via its General Release as of January 2020.

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