Facility Kwadraat

About us

Facility Kwadraat will help you streamline your real estate management, rental management and planned Maintenance. We do this with software, advice and long term maintenance plans. We provide a modern property information system with practical mobile solutions, self-service portal and interactive dashboards.

Rooted in social property
Facility Kwadraat was founded by Pim Kerkhof and Dick Vink on 1 February 2002. Both have been working in the automation of property management and facility management since the 80’s. Stimulated by progress and entrepreneurship, they used the most modern techniques to create a comprehensive facility management information system (FMIS). Their mission was to make property and facility management more efficient and durable.

WISH was originally developed for the non-profit sector. Facility Kwadraat knows this sector inside out, and knows that specific requirements there are. For example, our software and services take the WTZi regulations for dutch healthcare institutions into account, as well as the integral cost price obligation from the Market & Government Act for municipalities. And the points system of the property value system (WWS) is incorporated.

By now, Facility Kwadraat also has many years of experience in commercial property, including holiday resorts in the Netherlands and abroad.

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